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Name:VM Fix-It
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A Veronica Mars Alternate-Ending Fiction Community
Welcome to VM Fix-It, a Veronica Mars alternate-ending fiction community.

Post any fiction that alters the canon end to any episode or any of the three seasons of Veronica Mars. Fics can be canon-based or AU, and can be set at any point in the VM-verse, as long as they stick to that one simple rule. The outcome of any episode, season, or the series as a whole, must be changed. If you were unhappy with the way Veronica Mars ended, and/or thought that many of our beloved characters' actions were odd or just downright OOC, then this is the place for you.


-All fic must be behind a cut.

-All fic must be supplied with a subject line that states a) a title, b) characters/pairing, and c)a rating. ex: Fixed-It (Veronica/Logan, ensemble) PG-13

Ratings can be between G and NC-17. Here's a guideline for you:

PG: No adult content or language.
PG-13: Minor swearing and adult content. Nothing stronger than what you would see on the show.
R: Contains adult situations and medium to strong language.
NC-17: This is where the sex and violence happens, people, and it's usually graphic. Use caution when following cuts and links. As a rating has been supplied, the only responsible party in case of offense is yourself.

-All fic must be supplied with a header, like this:

Word Count:
Warnings: (warnings should include anything pertaining to character death, strong violence, rape, violent death, etc)

Disclaimers are optional but encouraged.

-All posts must contain fic, unless the post is pertaining to a contest or ficathon, or is pimping a new fic comm. This is not a meta or discussion community, it is strictly fiction only.

-Beta-read fic is strongly encouraged. I will work on getting a beta-reader thread started for those who do not have handy editors stashed on the wayside.


-Do not flame or insult our authors. Constructive criticism is appreciated and often coveted, but ugliness will not be tolerated.

Most of all:

Have fun!

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